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History of the Institute

The FBiH Transfusion Medicine Institute is the oldest and the only autonomous institution in the field of transfusion medicine in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as a scientific-educational base for the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Sarajevo.
The Department of Transfusion Medicine of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a health institution for performing transfusion activities in the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in accordance with Article 86 of the Law on Health Care of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. & Ldquo; No. 29/97 / registered in the Court Register of Cantonal court in Sarajevo No. 065-0-Reg: 06-00175603.10 / 06.
The core activity of the Institute is to collect blood together with humanitarian organizations, clubs and associations of blood donor volunteers. The preservation and distribution of blood and blood components, the provision of health care and other facilities to the population by means of blood products, diagnostic tests and transfusion therapy. In addition to the above mentioned tasks, it also carries out the following tasks:

  • Shaping the doctrine and adjusting the change of the unique standard in Blood Collection and Blood Component Processing, Laboratory, Transfusion Testing and Indication for Transfusion Treatment
  • Coordinates and supervises professional work in institutes and hospitals in this area
  • Performs quality control, reagents and preparations in transfusion

The Institute acts as a unique organizational unit and performs its activity at the site of the Institute in Čekalaša 86 and in the Kabinet for Surgery at KCUS st. Bolnička 25.

In 2014, the Institute collected 16410 blood samples.
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